Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

Our Powers & Functions

The department has been assigned the following functions, powers, and duties by the Utah Legislature:

  • To promote the interests and products of agriculture and related industries
  • To promote methods for increasing production and facilitating distribution of the state's agricultural products
  • To investigate the causes of livestock disease and means for disease prevention, control, and cure
  • To promote the marketing of Utah agricultural products
  • To administer and enforce laws assigned to the department by the Legislature
  • To establish standards and grades for agricultural products
  • To establish standards for businesses which process, produce, distribute, store, or sell agricultural products
  • To gather and analyze climatological data
  • To create administrative rules for effective administration of agricultural laws of the state
  • To make investigations and conduct hearings on agricultural matters
  • To inspect areas that may harbor harmful insects, plant diseases, noxious weeds, or other agricultural pests
  • To establish and enforce quarantines and orders for the control and eradication of agricultural pests.
  • To inspect apiaries for disease
  • To take charge of and award premiums at any agricultural exhibit within the state
  • To assist the Utah Conservation Commission in its duties