Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

Analytical Laboratories

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Dairy Lab Employees Win Governor's Excellence Award

What We Do

The Chemistry Lab serves the other divisions within the Department of Agriculture and Food. Its laboratories provide chemical, physical, and microbiological analyses of a wide variety of products, with the goal of protecting the state's consumers, farmers, and industry.

Meat, dairy, feed, fertilizer, and pesticides are tested to ensure their contents match those listed on their labels. Products are also tested for undesirable materials such as heavy metals, pathogens, and drug or pesticide residues. Ground water samples are tested for overall quality.

Special consumer complaint samples are also examined. These samples are analyzed to determine whether the complaints are valid; if so, the matter is turned over to departmental compliance officers for follow up action.

The State Chemist receives authority from the Utah Legislature, through Title 4, Chapter 2, Section 10 of the Utah Code.



Utah Code and Administrative Rules Relating to the Analytical Labs