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Announcing the Utah Pollinator Habitat Program

Pollinators play a vital role in our agricultural industry, local economies, and overall health of our ecosystems. Unfortunately, many pollinator populations have experienced drastic declines in recent years. Population loss can be linked to several contributing factors including loss of habitat, changing climate and associated weather patterns, disease and pesticide use.

In a state-wide effort to improve our outlook and boost pollinator populations, Utah has committed to help establish and enhance pollinator habitat. Over the next three years we hope to increase the amount of available habitat across the state by putting approximately 90,000 resource plants in the ground. Native Seed Mixes will also be available for distribution to maximize our reach and effort to help local pollinators succeed. Ready-to-plant Habitat Kits and Seed Mixes will be available for qualified projects through our application process.

Learn more and how to apply here.