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National Weights and Measures Week: March 1 – 7, 2021

The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food’s Regulatory Services Division is home to the Weights and Measures Program and State Metrology Lab. This week, we’re acknowledging and giving thanks to the hardworking public servants who dedicate their time to ensuring equity prevails in the marketplace. From price verification to scale and fuel inspections – there’s hardly a day that passes isn’t impacted in some way by the efforts of these professionals.

UDAF personnel work their way through every corner of the state to inspect and ensure the accuracy of all weighing or measuring devices used in commercial applications. These include devices that weigh or measure foods as well as those used in shipping facilities, hardware or bulk goods stores, and even airport luggage scales.

Weights and Measures inspectors also verify pricing, checkout scanners, fuel pumps and quality, and more. They also respond to numerous consumer complaints dealing with violations of the weights and measures laws, providing protection to both consumers and retailers from unfair practices.

The next time you purchase a 2lbs bag of apples, weigh your luggage in the airport, fill your vehicle’s fuel tank, or trust that the price you see ring up at checkout is the same as the price that was listed on the store shelf, there’s a UDAF Weights and Measures professional to thank for ensuring the equity prevails for both the consumer and business.

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