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UDAF Reaffirms Confidence in Health and Safety of Local Meat Processors

Meat processing plants in the State of Utah have not been immune to the logistical and modern health challenges of the COVID-19 Virus. As an essential part of the food chain, they have continued to operate, while practicing increased health and safety measures, and while working hand in hand with their local health departments. They have, throughout the crisis, abided by all local, state and federal health regulations.

Three facilities on the Wasatch Front have been hit recently with an influx of COVID-19 cases, causing some of them to voluntarily and momentarily close, to allow their workforce to recover. Because of early detection and preventative measures, they are on their way to recovering and should be returning to full operational capacity within the next 10 days. Each of the local facilities has taken special care to ensure that their employees, and the product, are protected.

While a few plants are temporarily shut down to allow their employees to recover, there are still plenty of processors contributing to the local food chain. The health, safety and vitality of the food supply chain is as strong as ever in the state and consumers should confidently know that there is plenty of safe and healthy meat available.

The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food is confident in the quality and quantity of meat being produced in the state. The department stands behind it’s processors and has worked tirelessly to ensure the proper and safe handling of all the food produced within the state.

“We appreciate and stand behind meat processors in the state who have navigated the challenges of being an essential service through these difficult times. We remain confident in the quantity and quality of product being produced and processed. I sincerely hope that consumers trust that their meat is safe and that it will continue to be readily available to them. We will continue to hold our industries to the highest level of safety and health, to see us through the end of these challenging times” said Commissioner Logan Wilde.

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