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Chocolate Tour of Utah – Day 2

For day two of the Chocolate Tour of Utah, we went all-natural at one of Utah’s really interesting bean-to-bar companies called Chocolate Conspiracy in Salt Lake City and then dropped in on a long-time local favorite dipper, Condies. One of the fun and fascinating aspects of Utah’s chocolate scene is the rich diversity and creativity each company puts into their passion, and that medley of sweetness was on full display today.


Chocolate Conspiracy (Salt Lake City)

Our first visit was with the very-down-to-earth AJ Wentworth, who also goes by “The Chocolate Guy.” His genius 10 years ago was to develop fine chocolate from bean-to-bar without roasting.  Sweetened with local raw unfiltered honey, there’s no conspiracy around the taste. It’s just naturally good and leaves you feeling guiltless with each smooth bite. AJ loves to experiment and wants everyone to know there are ways to create wonderful chocolate without refined sugars, soy, gluten, or any artificial flavors or ingredients. He admits there is a mystery to his methods of mixing honey with cocoa bean, but he’s clearly perfected it and offers up a wonderful certified organic product you simply have try.


Condies Hand-Dipped Chocolates (Salt Lake City)

It’s a good thing we had GPS to help us find Condies because this cute little store is tucked away behind Fillings & Emulsions on Main Street. The interesting thing is that while we almost didn’t find it, Condies has no trouble attracting customers. This pied piper of the chocolate world is as busy as they can be keeping up with corporate and individual orders around the holidays. It probably has something to do with tradition. The owner, Nanette Condie and her three sisters are the sweetest people you will ever meet and working around the clock together, melting, chopping, dipping, sprinkling, and boxing up their confections with love. It all started in 1924 with Nanette’s grandfather, George Charles Phillips and through the years, the family has kept the tradition alive through a great assortment of chocolate and other candies such as pecan rolls. If you don’t see them right away follow the smell, it’s worth it!