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Follow the Chocolate Tour of Utah Dec, 16-20

Utah is the holy grail of chocolate making – from bean-to-bar to captivating confections – and the world knows it. So let’s pay homage to our creative curators of the cocoa bean. Each tour stop we’ll drop in to learn more about them – how they came to be, their passion, and more.

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Here’s UDAF Commissioner Kerry Gibson, with chef blogger and chocolate dipper, Jenn Martello promoting the Tour on Good Things Utah (Thursday, December 5).

The Tour

Tour stops are being added daily so check back for the latest often and watch for our posts, December 16-20 on social media.

December 16: Northern Leg

December 17: Salt Lake County – Leg 1

December 18: Salt Lake County – Leg 2

December 19: Southern Leg

December 20: Eastern Leg

Here are some Utah’s other amazing chocolate makers you should check out this holiday season:

And check out Utah Chocolate Societies’ Chocolate Fascination Podcast