Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

1801 Nurseryman

means any place where nursery stock is propagated and grown for sale or distribution

1802 Nursery agent

means a person who solicits or takes orders for the sale of nursery stock other than on the premises of a nursery or nursery outlet

1803 Nursery outlet

means any place or location where nursery stock is offered for wholesale or retail sale

Nursery Stock

means all plants, whether field grown, container grown, or collected native plants; trees, shrubs, vines, grass sod; seedlings, perennials, biennials; and buds, cuttings, grafts, or scions grown or collected or kept for propagation, sale, or distribution; except that it shall not mean dormant bulbs, tubers, roots, corms, rhizomes, pips; field, vegetable, or flower seeds; or bedding plants, annual plants, florists' greenhouse or field-grown plants, flowers or cuttings

Kris Watson, Program Manager
(801) 538-7184

To apply for a Nursery License:

  1. Fill out the application
  2. Determine the license type and amount of money your license will cost
  3. Return the application via mail or deliver in person at the Utah Dept. Agriculture Main Office (350 N Redwood Rd. SLC UT 84116)

To check your license status:

  1. Visit the License Look-up page
  2. Scroll down to find Nursery License, click on the license type button
  3. Scroll down to find "YOUR NURSERY NAME" and notice the status

NOTE: Organization Provisional Permit no longer available, all entities selling perennial plants must obtain an annual nursery license.

Utah Code and Administrative Rules Relating to Nurseries


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