Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

Adding a Category to your Utah Pesticide License

Please follow these steps to add a category to your existing, not expired, valid, pesticide license.

1.) Read all of these steps, then click on PESTICIDE LICENSE CERTIFICATION

2.) You will then click on VIEW COURSES on the USU Extension Education website

3.)  Select the box for "Commercial Applicator Courses" or "Non-Commercial Applicator Courses".   Private Applicators can select either, but can only add Aerial, or Fumigation categories.

4.)  Select the "Category Modules and Exams" box, then

5.) Select the appropriate category module to learn from.

6.) Then you will return to this website and select a Pesticide Licensing Testing Center from the list provided to make an appointment to take the test.

6.) Take the Exam at the testing center.

7.) Call 801-538-7100 and tell them you want to pay $15.00 for "adding a category" to your pesticide license.  


After UDAF is notified you have paid for your license and USU Extension notifies us you have taken and passed the test, your new license with the added category will come in the mail.