Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

Reciprocal License

How an Out-of-State Pesticide Applicator Can Become Licensed in Utah 

The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food will reciprocate with any state that will reciprocate with us, the United States Department of Defense (DOD), or the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). This will allow individuals holding a valid commercial license from any state, DOD or BLM to obtain a license in the State of Utah on a reciprocal basis. To apply for a Utah license an applicant must provide the following:

1. Complete Utah pesticide applications


2. Submit $65.00 fee.

3. Supply a copy of current State, DOD, or BLM pesticide license.

4. Supply a legible copy of government-issued photo identification.

5. Request a Letter of Good Standing from the State, DOD, or BLM licensing department, to be faxed directly to UDAF. The letter must indicate:

  • That the applicator tested in that state.
  • Expiration date for the license.
  • If applicator has no outstanding fines, fees, or pending actions for enforcement.


Reciprocal licenses will be good until December 31 of the year that their current applicator license will expire, unless their expiration is longer than 3 years.

The Business license fee is $75.00 for 1 - 4 commercial applicators, $150.00 for 5 - 9 commercial applicators, or $300.00 for 10 or more commercial applicators. This form is available on our website, listed above.

UDAF reserves the right to require examination (testing in Utah) of individuals for just-cause or if comparable license categories do not exist between the two states. Call 801-538-7185 for further information or questions.