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ATTENTION!! The current pesticide license testing system and education/study materials on this website will be discontinued October 31, 2017.

Starting November 1, 2017 all training materials and testing will be provided by Utah State University Extension. Further details will be posted on this page at that time.

UDAF will continue to license and regulate the pesticide community.

UDAF Pesticide Application and Safety Training Study Guides

General Exam (50 Question Open Book) General Exam Book 
General Exam  General Exam Book
(a) Plant (Pest control on agriculture Crops)   Plant (1a) PDF
(b) Animal(Pest control on animals or its habitat)   Animal (1b) PDF
Forest(Pest control in forests, forest nurseries or forest seed producing areas   Forest  (2) PDF
Ornamental and Turf (Control pests and diseases in the installation or maintenance of ornamental landscapes)   Ornamental & Turf (3) PDF
Seed Treatment(Pest control on seeds)   Seed Treatment (4) PDF
(a) Surface Water (Pest control on standing or running water excluding public health related activities)   Aquatic - Surface Water (5a) PDF
(b) Sewer Root control(Pest control to roots in sewers or in related systems)   Aquatic  - Sewer Root Control (5b)  PDF
Right-of-way (Pest control in maintaining public roads, electric power lines, pipelines, railways or other similar areas)   Right-of-Way  (6) PDF
Structural and Health Related(Pest control in, on or around food handling establishments, human dwellings, institutions, industrial establishments, warehouses, storage units and any other structures and adjacent areas public or private)   Structural and Health-Related  (7) PDF
Public Health (State, Federal or other government employees or persons working under their supervision or using or supervising the use of, restricted use pesticides in public health programs for control of pests having medical and public health importance)   Public Health  (8) PDF
Regulatory: Limited to state and federal employees or persons under their direct supervision who apply pesticides in a mechanical ejection device, a protective collar or other methods to control regulated pests)




  Regulatory (9 a and b) (available upon request)

(a) Persons or supervised persons applying pesticides in a mechanical ejection device or other methods to control regulated pests  
(b)Persons applying or supervised persons pesticides in a protective collar or other methods to control regulated pests  
Demonstration, Consultation and Research: Individuals who demonstrate to the public the proper use, techniques, benefits and methods of restricted-use pesticides. Also persons conducting field research with restricted-use pesticides.   Demonstration, Consultation, and Research (10) PDF
Aerial Application: Applicators applying pesticides by aircraft   Aerial Application  (11) PDF
Vertebrate: Applicators applying pesticides in the control of vertebrate pests   Vertebrate Animal  (12) PDF
Fumigation/Stored Commodities: Applicators using fumigants to control  pests in soil, structures, railroad cars, stored grains, manufactured products, grain elevators, flour mills and similar areas and items   Fumigation and Stored Commodities PDF
  (Courtesy of University of Nebraska)
Wood Preservation: Applicators who apply wood-preservative pesticides to wood products such as fence posts, electrical poles, railroad ties or any other form of wood products   Wood-Preservation  (14) PDF
Wood Destroying: Applicators using pesticides to control termites, carpenter ants, wood-boring or tunneling insects, bees, wasps, wood decaying fungi and any other pests destroying wood products   Wood-Destroying Organisms (15) PDF


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