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Pesticide Qs & As

Pesticide Questions and Answers

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Q. Do herbicides fall under the same rules as pesticides.  
Herbicides are pesticides.  Practically everything that ends with "ide" is a pesticide.   Insecticide, herbicide, fungicide, rodenticide, etc...

Q. If used in small quantities (under 5 gallons) are there any exceptions to licensing requirements?
A. Utah does not have the over/under 5 gallon limitation on requirements for a pesticide license.  If you apply any pesticide in the course of business "for hire" you must have a license. 

Q. Do turf and ornamental fertilizers fall under the same rules as pesticides?
A. Fertilizers alone are not considered pesticides.   If they are "weed and feed", "pre-emergent", or similar product that addresses a pest - then they are a pesticide. 

Q. Does the company need to have a qualifying party or just licensed applicators?
A. To apply pesticides commercially, the business must be registered (licensed) and have at least one applicator licensed.  Any applicator who will mix, load, or apply pesticide must have a license.

posted: February 19, 2014