Bonding for Livestock Dealers

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Director, Animal Industry Division
Chief, Livestock Inspection Bureau 

Annual Dealer Business Report Form - Fillable PDF

Persons who buy and resell livestock are required to post a bond and be licensed with UDAF. This protects producers from unwarranted hazard and loss in the sale of their livestock.

This program is specific to producers of livestock. There is a requirement to post a bond, with a minimum amount of $10,000. This bond can be filed upon, in the event that the livestock is not paid for.

The United States Department of Agriculture Packers and Stockyards Administration (PSD) also regulate livestock dealers. The applicant must register and bond with GIPSA. The Commissioner will be named as the trustee of the bond, and the state will license the applicant to do business in Utah.

For livestock bonding and licensing contact:

Utah Department of Agriculture and Food
350 N Redwood Rd
PO Box 146500
Salt Lake City UT 84114-6500
Phone: (801) 538-7029
Fax: (801) 538-7169

For livestock dealer information contact:

United States Department of Agriculture
Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration
One Gateway Centre
3950 Lewiston St, Suite 200
Aurora CO 80011-1556
Phone: (303) 375-4240
Fax: (303) 371-6409

Utah Code and Administrative Rules Regarding Bonding of Ag Products and Livestock Dealers