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The Agriculture Loans Section of the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food is involved in four agriculture and rural loan programs:


ARDL Program

Low-interest ARDL loans are available through the Utah Conservation Commission in cooperation with the division's program. ARDL loans are made for a maximum of 15 years at 2.5 to 3 percent interest with a one-time administration fee of 4 percent.

Loan Amount Interest Rate Loan Terms Max Loan to Value
Less than $52,000 3% 7 years or 15 years 70%
$52,001 - $103,999 2.75% 15 years 70%
$104,000 or more 2.5% 15 years 70%


The objectives of the program are to:


The ARDL program currently has $27.6 million in assets and nearly $20 million out in loans. More than $40 million has been advanced for improvement projects by the ARDL since its beginning. The program continues to grow as loan funds are repaid with interest. The portfolio contains nearly 900 loans.

Rural Rehabilitation Loans

The Rural Rehabilitation Loan Program is another source of low-interest loans for farms and ranches. The purpose of this program is to help those who want to buy, begin or improve an agricultural operation but who cannot qualify for conventional financing. The current interest rates for these loans are from 5-6 percent. This loan fund was augmented by the Legislature to assist distressed farmers in 1992, and has since grown as a result of additional appropriations and internal growth through earnings.The program contains both state and federal funds.Total assets for this fund are $8.5 million with $7.7 million out in individual loans. Delinquencies in all loan programs are very low.

Petroleum Storage Tank Loans

In addition to the agriculture loans, the loans section manages the Petroleum Storage Tank Loan program in cooperation with the Division of Environmental Response and Remediation (DERR) of the Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). Loan applications and more information on the PST Program can be found here.

State Revolving Fund Water Quality Loans

The section also cooperates with the Division of Water Quality in underwriting non-point source pollution prevention loans funded by the State Revolving Fund.

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Utah Code and Administrative Rules Pertaining to Agriculture Loans