Brand Inspection Schedule of Fees

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Fee Type

Current Fee

Farm Custom Slaughter License $75.00
Estray Animals varies
Beef Promotion (cattle only), per head $1.50
Predator (cattle only), per head $0.25
Citation, per violation $200.00
Citation, per head $2.00
If not paid within 15 days 2 times citation fee
If not paid within 30 days 4 times citation fee
Brand Inspection Service Fee $20.00
Brand Inspections (cattle), per head, maximum $1.00
Brand Inspections (horse), first two head $20.00
Brand Inspections (horse), per head after first two $10.00
Brand Inspections (sheep), per head $0.05
Brand Inspection - Special Sales $250.00 min
Utah Brand Book $25.00
Show and Seasonal Permits - Horse $25.00 + $20 svc fee
Show and Seasonal Permits - Cattle $25.00 + $20 svc fee
Lifetime Horse Travel Permit $35.00 + $20 svc fee
Duplicate Lifetime Horse Travel Permit $10.00
Transfer Lifetime Horse Travel Permit $10.00
Brand Recording - new brand or earmark $75.00
Certified Copy of Recording (new brand card) $5.00
Elk Inspection - New License $300.00
Elk Inspection - Leaving the State, per head $5.00
Elk Inspection - Change of Ownership, per head $5.00
Elk Inspection - Moving to New Facility, per head $5.00
Elk Inspection - To Slaughter, per head $5.00
Elk Inspection - Moving or Selling Horns, per head $1.00
Elk Inspection Service Fee, per visit $15.00
Elk License Late Fee $50.00
Minimum Charge per Certificate (cattle, sheep, hogs, and horses) $10.00
Brand Transfer $50.00
Brand Renewal (five-year cycle - next 2020) $50.00
Administrative costs for making copies of files, per hour $10.00
Administrative costs for making copies of files, per copy $0.07
Late Fee $25.00