Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

China to Implement New Trade Tariffs Increases in July


                    Cumulative Impact of Foreign Tariffs Could Significantly Impact Utah Agriculture              

(Salt Lake City) – Following the latest round of tariff increases announced by China on U.S. exports, the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA) has released an analysis of U.S. trade tariffs and foreign retaliatory tariffs to this point.            

 “One tariff is bad enough, but all of these combined will lead to serious economic consequences for the agriculture industry in Utah and the entire country," said Andy Pierucci, Director of the Marketing, Communications and Economic Division at the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food. UDAF has compiled a list of the Utah agriculture products impacted by the two rounds of tariffs by China. 

 “Four of our top five agriculture and food exports to China will be impacted by these tariffs. We are talking about tens of millions of dollars in sales at stake here, and it’s going to hurt our farmers, ranchers and other food producers,” said Pierucci.

 Here are links to background information, export totals and analysis of the impacts of the tariffs.

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