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Utah Agriculture and Food Commissioner’s Statement on Mexico’s Tariff Increases

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 May 31, 2018


(Salt Lake City) – Mexico increased tariffs on United States agriculture and steel products today as a response to new US tariffs to Mexico, Canada, and the European Union on aluminum and steel imports. Increased Mexico tariffs target pork bellies, blueberries, apples, grapes, certain cheeses, and various types of steel.


Utah Agriculture and Food Commissioner, LuAnn Adams, issued the following statement in response:


“I’m concerned about the impact of new tariffs on Utah’s agriculture and food industry. Mexico is the third largest importer of Utah agricultural products, including close to $2 million dollars’ worth of pork products.”


“Mexico’s tariff increase on U.S. pork will impact the industry and harm our rural communities who depend on this trade, especially considering the impacts from other new tariffs, and recent tariff increases from China.”


“Additionally, Mexico’s tariff increase on some cheese products will harm our dairy producers who are already struggling with falling prices. In 2017, Utah exported nearly $500,000 in cheese products to Mexico. For the benefit of Utah agriculture, I hope this trade dispute is resolved quickly.”