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First 2016 Detection of West Nile Virus in Utah Horses


Horse owners advised to take precautions against the virus

UPDATE: third horse confirmed with WNV

SALT LAKE CITY  –  A third horse has been confirmed to have contracted equine West Nile Virus (WNV) in Utah in 2016.  The three horses were all unvaccinated and located in Uintah County.  Two of the three horses have died, with the third being treated for the disease and appears to be recovering.

    Utah horse owners are advised to vaccinate their horses in order to protect them from the West Nile Virus.  A safe, affordable and effective vaccine is available.

    “Since West Nile Virus symptoms in horses in surrounding states have been increasing in recent days Utah horse owners are advised to take necessary precautions to protect their animals,” said State Veterinarian, Dr. Barry Pittman. “Protective steps would include a good vaccination protocol, mosquito control, and clean-up of areas around barns and stables to minimize mosquito populations,” he added.

     Data shows that 80 percent of cases in horses occur during the months of August and September. WNV is spread by mosquitos, and can affect both humans and animals.

     WNV is a reportable disease and is part of a statewide information and alert system designed to protect animal and human health.   Contact your veterinarian if you have questions or concerns.

     More information about ways to protect animals from West Nile Virus can be found here.

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posted: August 24, 2016
updated: August 30, 2016