Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

Farmers and Ranchers Advised not to use Water Taken From Utah Lake or The Jordan River


Lab tests confirm possible health risks


SALT LAKE CITY – Based upon the recent advisory from the Utah Department of Environmental Quality, Division of Water Quality (DWQ) regarding high levels of cyanobacteria in Utah Lake, the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF) strongly advises farmers and ranchers against using water from Utah Lake or the Jordan River for food production, especially fruits and vegetables, and livestock watering until lab results are available. 

If farmers and ranchers have access to other water sources we advise them to use those alternative sources to water crops, livestock and other animals. Pet owners are also advised to not let their animals drink lake or river water.

According to UDAF veterinarian, Dr. Dustin Durfee, “These types of toxins can be harmful to humans and livestock; farmers and ranchers should not use water taken from Utah Lake until further notice.” We want to make it clear that this is not a normal situation and strongly urge farmers and ranchers to heed this advisory.

Anyone with non-agriculture related questions should contact DWQ at (801)-536- 4484.

For concerns about possible human exposure, call Utah Poison Control at 800-222- 1222, or your physician. For concerns about possible animal exposure, contact a local veterinarian.

For updates on lake conditions, Utah County has an alert system in place. Go to alerts.utahcounty.gov sign up for an account, select the method of contact, create a profile and select a location. Then choose the alert subscription for “Utah Lake” under “Utah County Alerts.”

Access the Utah Department of Environmental Quality news release on the algae bloom.

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posted: July 15, 2016
updated: July 18, 2016