Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

Rule Change Helps Small Poultry Producers


(Salt Lake City)  Poultry farmers who raise small flocks of chickens or turkeys now have greater ease to process and market their products locally, thanks to changes in State rules that take effect today.  Under Rule 58-11, small flock owners may now process their birds at a shared facility provided strict food safety standards are followed.
     The rule changes define to whom and how a poultry producer may sell their product.   The rule also adds procedures that must be followed by those growers/producers who slaughter their own birds in shared facilities. It outlines the licensure and sanitation requirements necessary for these mix facilities.
     “This change came about in response to the increased popularity of locally grown poultry.  Small farm producers sought a streamlining of federal and state regulations, and we believe we’ve achieved that while making sure animal health and food safety are safeguarded,” said Agriculture and Food Commissioner, LuAnn Adams.

Highlights of the Rule include:
• Each producer/grower must comply with all the laws and regulations governing their establishments as set forth in Utah Meat and Poultry and Poultry Products Inspection and Licensing Act.
• The poultry producer/ grower shall hold a valid Custom Exempt Meat Establishment License issued by the Department of Agriculture and Food.
• The individual shall provide the date; time and location of slaughter.
• The producer shall conduct a pre-operational inspection on all food-contact surfaces; maintain records for at least one year and have them available for inspection;  fully label product in accordance with this rule before leaving the facility; maintain the product temperature at 40°f or less during transport; 
• keep a written recall plan .

     Following a 30-day public comment period , Rule R58-11 went into effect Monday, November 23, 2015.  The complete text of the Rule is available in the Utah State Bulletin at:   http://www.rules.utah.gov/publicat/bull_pdf/2015/b20151015.pdf