Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

Utahns Want More Food Security And Are Willing To Sacrifice To Achieve It

Envision Utah Survey Results Show Strong Support for Agriculture


       Utahns show remarkable support for Utah agriculture as they tell Envision Utah how best to plan for the future.  The independent planning organization is releasing results of its 18 month long study that considers how to plan for a near doubling of our population by 2050.

        The study finds:

  •          Utahns do not want to take water or land from agriculture.
  •          98% of Utahns want to increase food self-sufficiency from agriculture by putting more land into production and/or changing crops to fruits and vegetables.
  •          Utahns are willing to cut back on watering their lawns and gardens to ensure we have enough water for agriculture
  •          Utahns want to avoid building on high-quality farmland

     “It is exciting to think that this many people in Utah feel that strongly about agriculture," said Utah Agriculture Commissioner LuAnn Adams. "It confirms what we have been hearing, that people want to be connected with their local farmers and ranchers, and they want access to an abundance of local, safe food," she added.

     The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF) Utah’s Own program works with local farmers and ranchers to market their products and it helps consumers identify those products in stores.  If Utahns shifted 1% of their food purchases to Utah grown products, it would add $63 million to the state’s economy.

     The UDAF is currently working with local governments to develop tools and methods for protecting agricultural land while accommodating population growth. 

 See the entire Envision Utah report here.