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Avian Influenza Safety - Media Advisory


Avian Flu Brochure cover


Tips For Protecting Your Backyard Birds From Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza - $150 Million Poultry Industry At Risk


Media Advisory

Who:  Dr. Warren Hess, acting State Veterinarian
Curt Cutler, homeowner, backyard chicken flock owner
Dr. Annette Roug, Utah DWR wildlife veterinarian

What: Demonstration at a backyard chicken coop of steps backyard bird owners can take to protect their flocks from contracting Avian Influenza. Utah Department of Agriculture and Food State Veterinarian Warren Hess, and a local backyard chicken owner Curt Cutler, will interact with a 6-chicken backyard flock. They will look at the coop and the backyard, and discuss a list of things Cutler and other homeowners can do to further protect backyard domestic bird flocks.  Hipath AI has been detected in wild or domestic poultry in California, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.  Utah sits along a major north/south flyway posing an additional threat to wild and domestic poultry here.

When:  Wednesday February 11, 2015. 11:00 am.

Where:  1213 West 1200 South Woods Cross, Utah 84087

Note:  UDAF will distribute copies of the new brochure “Protect Your Birds from Avian Influenza,” which is being distributed to farm and feed stores throughout Utah.

Visuals: Curt Cutler has six large chickens that will be roaming his fenced backyard or be in his chicken coop.  A newly constructed chicken coop shows off features that can help protect birds.