Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

Turkey Pardon 2013


The traditional Thanksgiving seasonal message and turkey pardon by Governor Herbert at Thanksgiving Point.  The event featured the impressive 51-pound Tommy Boy the turkey on display.  After offering his Thanksgiving message, the governor walked over to Tommy Boy the turkey officially pardoned him from the dinner table this season.  Tommy had a few comments of his own. Tommy Boy was moved to the TGP bird refuge where he will live out its days, sans cranberry sauce.


governor pardoning thanksgiving turkey













Turkey pardon event at Thanksgiving point












Comments made at the event.

We are truly thankful to live in this great State and in this great nation.
• We are thankful to have farmers and ranchers who toil to provide us with a safe and abundant supply of food.
• We are thankful to have more education opportunities than we've ever had before.
• We are thankful for economic opportunities and a high standard of living.
• We are thankful to live in a free nation, and to have men and women in our Armed Forces who willingly put themselves in harm's way to protect our freedoms.
• During this Thanksgiving season, I hope that we'll all take time to reflect on the many blessings we enjoy, and give thanks for those blessings.