Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

Utah Farmers and Ranchers in Top 5 Nationally in Computer Access


In 2013, eighty three percent of Utah’s farmers and ranchers had access to computers according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service, Utah Field Office. This ranked Utah in a tie for third nationally with Idaho and New Hampshire for highest percentage with access.

At 80 percent, Utah farmers and ranchers were tied for fourth in computer ownership and ranked eighth in internet access in 2013 at 76 percent. Forty five percent of Utah farmers and ranchers used their computers for farm business, ranking them 12th in that category.

Twenty three percent of Utah farmers and ranchers purchased agricultural inputs over the internet, 5th in the nation, and 13 percent conducted agricultural marketing activities over the internet, 19th.  Twelve percent accessed NASS reports over the internet and 20 percent accessed other USDA reports or services over the internet.

The primary method Utah farmers and ranchers used for accessing the internet in 2013 was as follows: 53 percent DSL, 28 percent wireless, 11 percent cable, 5 percent satellite, 1 percent dial up, and 2 percent other types. 

Nationally, 70 percent of farmers and ranchers had access to computers in 2013, and 67 percent had access to the internet. DSL continues to be the most common internet access method with 35 percent of farms using it.

The Full Report is available on-line here.