Egg & Poultry Graders Win Governor's Award


The UDAF's Egg & Poultry Grading team received 
Governor Herbert's Award of Excellence
at a special ceremony May 6th at the Capitol.  



The Egg & Poultry Grading Program consists of the following members.
Program Supervisor -Cary Wise, Assistant - Adell Young, Grader -Eldon Ekins, Grader -Susie Spackman,
Grader - Stephanie Jacobs, Grader - Belinda Thomason, Grader - Sharisa Vodopich, Grader - Cindy Willden
Grader - Lindsey M. Pearson, Grader - Mark L. Mitchell, Grader - Teneil Chynoweth, Grader - Carlotta Foitzick
Grader- Priscilla Ann Robinson.

Program Supervisor, Cary Wise wrote the following about the team's dedication and committment.

The team consistently demonstrates outstanding contributions to the egg producers and consumers of Utah. Their service is required seven day per week, including holidays.
At 10 :30 PM when I get a text message of an emergency from a grader who can't go to work in the morning, on more than one occasion I have forwarded this text to another grader and the response back has been "where and when".

Overtime I have grown to have a great appreciation for the work model of Howard Hughes . He had a
great team. It was the circle of people he chose to surround himself with that made the difference. He
looked for people, who valued hard work, dedication and who would settle for nothing less than
perfection .

This past year it has been rewarding to have a hard working, dedicated team who settle for nothing less
than perfection, and who are willing to do what is needed, when it is needed.

I am extremely proud of our Egg & Poultry Grading team and honored to be their Supervisor.

USDA Utah Poultry and Egg Facts - 2012

Cash receipts for 2012: $147 million.  Representing 9% of total state Ag. production
Number of egg laying chickens: 3.6 million
Number eggs produced: one billion
The egg industry in Utah produces enough eggs to supply each Utahn with 335 eggs per year.


Other information about the UDAF Egg & Poultry Grading Program
The Egg & Poultry staff are consistently demonstrating outstanding contributions to the egg and
poultry producers and consumers of Utah. This staff of Graders diligently arrive at Utah's egg
and poultry plants in the early morning hours each day to insure that the products purchased by
Utah consumers are ofthe best quality possible.

Gerald Brockman, the Regional Director with USDA, said "Your employee's professionalism,
expertise and dedication are second to none and are something you can be very proud of. Their
hard work and high ethical standards is the cornerstone in securing the integrity ofthe USDA
Grade Shield."

Sherman Miller, Vice President, ChiefOperations Officer and Director of Cal Maine Foods,
said "The commitment and dedication ofthe Egg & Poultry team facilitates the highest quality
product for customers, while adding value to Utah produced products" .

Cliff Lillywhite and Tony Cochran made the following comment about the Egg & Poultry staff
at the Oakdell facility in Lewiston. "They are pleasant, dependable, and very flexible to work
with during production variations that can require seven day a week service. I have never heard
them complain, even if our processing machine breaks down causing us to process late into the

This past year it has been rewarding to have a hard working, dedicated team who settle for
nothing less than perfection, and who are willing to do what is needed, when it is needed.
The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food is proud of the Egg &Poultry Grading team and
is honored to select them as its 2014 Governor's Award for Excellence recipient.






posted: May 7, 2014