Utah's Own Products Prominently Featured in the New DABC Liquor Store in Syracuse

The Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control opened its first new liquor store in nearly two years on Monday March 11, 2019. The store is unique in design and energy efficiency, but it is also only the second store to feature a Utah's Own section, and it is by far the largest local products section in any Utah State Liquor Store.

“We are very happy to see local products from Utah breweries, wineries and distilleries so prominently displayed in the new store,” said LuAnn Adams, Commissioner, Utah Department of Agriculture and Food.


The partnership between the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control and the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food is a result of the work of the Utah’s Own program and the recent growth in the number of Utah companies making beer, wine and spirits in Utah.


“The DABC has exceeded our expectations in promoting our Utah's Own members in the new Syracuse store. We look forward to a successful relationship with DABC in growing our local distillery, brewery, and winery companies,” said Laurie Seron, Utah’s Own Program Director, Utah Department of Agriculture and Food


As patrons first walk into the new store they will be greeted by a large Utah’s Own sign and two four-sided displays. One has beer and wine, while the other display has spirits. The Utah’s Own section will feature products from several local companies, including Beehive Distillery, Dented Brick Distillery and Epic Brewing Company.

Located in Syracuse at 865 W. Antelope Drive, the new 13,600-square-foot store — which cost $5.4 million to build — is among the largest in the state, explained Cade Meier, deputy director of the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. It is expected to take pressure off busy liquor stores in Layton and Roy.


The building is equipped with high-efficiency heating and plumbing, along with skylights to reduce the amount of lighting needed for the store.

Included in the building’s design is a large pillar used for the store’s signage. Architects placed the wall in such a way that it blocks direct light from sunsets, preventing customers and merchandise from the bright light.

At this point Meier says the local products will only be located in the Utah's Own section. If people are used to finding their favorite local vodka among all the rest of the vodka products, they will be disappointed. However, DABC representatives are confident the front and center display will attract people and that they will find the local products they seek. DABC will track Utah's Own sales to see if they are keeping pace with local product sales in other stores that do a similar overall volume of sales. The plan is to build Utah's Own sections into all new and renovated liquor stores as possible. The next store to open will be in Herriman.