Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

Fresh From the Farm at Farmers Markets This Week 6/26 -7/2

During this time of year the amount and types of farm fresh produce available at local farmers markets changes weekly. It seems like there is always something new just coming on with each visit to an outdoor market. Every week or two during the farmers market season we will try to let you know what new items you may see at your local market.

  • Cherries: These little tree rubies are at the peak of their short season in Northern Utah. Look for Bing, Rainier and other scrumptious varieties.
  • Apricots: The first apricots started showing up at Northern Utah markets last week. Many farms suffered crop losses due to freezing temperatures during blossom season. However, many farm stands and farmers market booths will have these little gems for a few weeks.
  • Carrots: Summer carrots are showing up at markets and looking (and tasting) very good. While orange is still the most popular color, more and more red, yellow, purple and white roots are available.
  • Summer squash: Many farms are starting to harvest summer squash, just in time for Holiday cook outs. Green and golden zucchini, crookneck, straight neck yellow squash and other varieties will soon be in abundance.