Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

Harmful Algal Blooms and Plants

Potential Harmful Effects--General

There are potential health impacts, some of them serious or lethal, to people and animals that come in contact with cyanotoxins. To date, most of the research has been focused on direct ingestion by humans and animals of water containing cyanotoxins. But what about if you water fruit, vegetable or edible herb plants with water containing cyanotoxins?

Potential Harmful Effects--Plants

Limited research is ongoing and data is inconclusive on cyanotoxin uptake in plant tissue.

  • Studies in controlled environments have shown that some plants can accumulate cyanotoxins.
  • Cyanotoxin uptake in plant tissue are more likely to accumulate with extended exposure. This is dependent on plant type, watering procedures, and length of exposure and whether the plants are grown hydroponically or in the soil.






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