Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

2017 Soil Health Workshop Videos are a Must-see for Farmers

UDAF recently videotaped a day long soil health workshop that featured presenters from USDA NRCS, Extension and land owners from throughout Utah and Southern Idaho who are experimenting with various practices designed to improve the soil health of crop and pasture land.

The presentations are geared toward ranchers, and hay and grain farmers. Presentations about soil biology, as well as presentations about practices including no-till or minimal tillage, crop rotation and cover cropping are all very interesting and useful. Among the most compelling are the presentations by farmers and ranchers who are trying these techniques for themselves. Because it was a day long workshop, we have divided it into eight stand-alone video segments, which are on the UDAF You Tube channel. The links are below. Take a look and tell your friends who grow hay and grains.