Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

Commissioner Adams Shops for Pumpkins at Local Farm; Encourages all Utahns to do the Same

Utah Commissioner of Agriculture and Food, LuAnn Adams, visited Davis County farmer, Tyson Roberts, at his farm stand in Layton, Tuesday Oct. 25th. She encourages all Utahns to visit a farm stand or pumpkin patch this week, not only for Halloween pumpkins, but also to stock up on all the great autumn produce local farms have to offer.

"Fall is kind of my favorite time of year," Adams said in a live Facebook video from Roberts Family Farms. "I love all the pumpkins and the squash." Roberts and many other local farms also have other storage produce available such as potatoes, onions, garlic and popcorn. Roberts likes to use the popcorn as an educational tool for the children who visit the farm.

"They buy popcorn and kids think it comes from the store, it comes from the bag, it comes from the microwave," said Roberts. "We try to teach them, no, it comes from the farm." It's a different kind of corn but it still grows on a cob like sweet corn. In fact many farmers who grow popcorn and sell it directly to the public will either sell it still on the cobs or with the kernels removed. While it is easier to use to buy it with the kernels removed, popping the corn still on the cob or removing the kernels by hand and then popping it can be a fun family activity.

While autumn is a fun time of year for families, it is often a time of reflection for farmers. "When we put the pumpkin stand up I think about the year we've had. We've worked a lot of hours during the summer, last spring and last fall preparing for this year. And it's just a time to reflect on what we did this past year."

Wherever you live in Utah you should be able to find a pumpkin patch or farm stand not too far away. There are even a few farmers markets throughout the state still in operation this final weekend of October. Here is a list of pumpkin patches and farm fall activities statewide.