Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

Aquaponics Garden--10 month Update

After 10 months the UDAF demonstration aquaponics garden is really taking shape. There are approximately 120 plants in the system, including five tomato plants, a few herbs, including basil and mint, a handful of Swiss chard and kale plants and a lot of lettuce.

There are currently approximately 25 hybrid striped bass that are supplying the nutrients for most of the plants. Around 20 plants are in separate hydroponic only containers, not connected to the fish tank. The rest of the plants are getting 100 percent of their nutrients from the fish, most of which are 5-8 inches long.

Watch our video of the beginning of the project, with short three month and 10 month updates tacked on to show progress. The difference is dramatic.

UDAF Aquaponic garden 10 month update video