Don't Forget Local Food this Labor Day Weekend

It’s that time of year, Labor Day weekend and the unofficial end of summer is upon us. It is also the peak of produce harvest season in Utah. So whether you are having a big family barbecue, a picnic at a park or in the mountains, or whatever you are doing this weekend that includes food, stop at a local farm stand or farmers market and take some great local food along with you.

In addition to the Utah’s Own foods available all year, there is a tremendous selection of seasonal produce being harvested this time of year.

What Seasonal Produce is Available?

This list is in no particular order, and not every item on the list will be available at every market or grocery store, but local farms are picking all of the following right now:

While the above list may not be complete, and it doesn’t include meats, eggs, dairy products, baked goods and wonderful packaged foods available from local farms and companies, hopefully it is enough to get your mouth watering and motivate you to buy local.