Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

Game Bird Producers Train to Prevent Avian Influenza


Utah's game bird producers are being encouraged to create biosecurity plans for their farms in an effort to prevent the spread of high pathogenic Avian influenza, and as an insurance plan should HPAI spread to their farm.  Some of the state's top poultry disease experts offered training on how to create such a plan, and what are the consequences if HPAI spreads to one of their farms.  Farms that contracted HPAI would not be eligible for compensation from the USDA if they did not have a biosecurity plan in place.

Tens of thousands of wild birds are raised on farms in Utah to supply the hunting industry.  Owners of those farms who were unable to attend the March 23rd training session can review a video and other information here, or contact USU Extension Poultry Specialist, Dr. David Frame at (435) 851-2233, or State Veterinarian, Dr. Barry Pittman at (801) 538-7162.


PowerPoint Presentation on Biosecurity for Game Bird Producers

Points to consider when writing a biosecurity plan

USDA information on HPAI.












posted: March 30, 2016