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Students Prepare for Careers in Agriculture at Weber County's Agriculture Education and FFA Facility


Do you know what the Pearson's Square method is? How about Punnett squares? High school students in Weber County Utah learned what they are as they train for careers in agriculture at the Agriculture Education and FFA facility in Weber County.

Justen Selman, an Animal Science instructor from Fremont High School in Plain City, UT, coordinated a two-day event at the Weber School District’s  Agriculture Education and FFA Facility in Taylor, on March 16th & 17th.

About 500 Ag. students from Fremont and Weber High Schools rotated through 6 different stations, such as:
ultra-sounding lambs; candling eggs; and formulating feed rations for ewes, using the Pearson's Square method.  (a formula to determine proper feed rations)

Students also observed the differences in wool vs hair on sheep; there was a genetic exercise where students drew Punnett (pun-et) squares to determine genetic probabilities using live rabbits and hair coat colors; and there were demonstrations on tail docking, castrating, drenching, injecting, ear tagging and paint branding lambs.
The instructional event allowed these high school students to experience hands-on agriculture to help them determine which classes they would like to sign up for next year.  They can choose from Animal Science (entry and advanced levels), Veterinary Science and Agriculture Biology.

Certain FFA students were selected to lead the instruction for the rotations with oversight from Justen and his wife, Laurel Selman, also an agriculture instructor for Agriculture Biology at Fremont High School.

Utah State Veterinarian, Dr. Barry Pittman, also attended the event and took the opportunity to talk to the students about Utah Department of Agriculture and Food, the veterinary profession, and the need for students to continue their college educations in the agricultural sciences.
The Superintendent and several administrators from the Weber School District spent some time with the students as well as several Vice Principals from Fremont High School.

See a video of the event below.



Posted: March 25, 2016