Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

Thanksgiving Message from Commissioner Adams


Commissioner Adams calls on Utahns to thank a farmer
for our abundant supply of safe and nutritious food.

     Thanksgiving is the perfect time to celebrate agriculture’s bounty and to reflect on the many blessings we enjoy this time of year.  When you sit around the dinner table this holiday season take a moment to enjoy the abundance and variety of the foods set before you.  We are fortunate to have access to so much nutritious and safe food in Utah. 

     As we enjoy our meals let’s not forget that all of the food on the table originated from one kind of farm or ranch or another, and it’s highly likely it was a family farm where sons and daughters, moms and dads took personal pride in raising or growing that food. 

     In Utah, we have more than 18,000 farms and ranches and the vast majority of them are operated by a family.  So if you know a farmer, or meet one soon, let them know you appreciate what they do for us.

Thank you; and I wish you happy Thanksgiving.

LuAnn Adams
Commissioner of Agriculture and Food