Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

UDAF's Troy Forrest Receives Range Manager of the Year Award

The Utah Section of the Society of Range Management has name Troy Forrest, UDAF Grazing Improvement Program manager, Range Manager of the Year.


Forrest and his family were on hand to receive the award at the SRM Fall meetings in Logan earlier this month.

Forrest’s longtime friend and colleague, Bill Hopkin, nominated him for the honor.

“Troy has direct responsibility for the UGIP program that provides $1.5 million annually to improve range/grazing management in Utah,” Hopkin said in his nomination letter. “His unique ability to work directly with ranchers in applying grazing management principles has benefited rangeland health across Utah. Troy is innovative in working with Ranchers/Pemittees to resolve concerns and issues with the BLM/USFS.”

Forrest is currently the program manager for the Utah Grazing Improvement Program (UGIP), where he does double duty. He supervises five Regional Coordinators and serves as the Regional Coordinator for the Northwest Region of UGIP. He also coordinates the work of, and supervises, the staff biologist responsible for monitoring project success.

“While Troy would be the first person to acknowledge the accomplishments of the UGIP is a ‘team effort’, there is no doubt that his leadership has been key in putting over $20 million in rangeland projects on

the ground since 2007,” Hopkin said.  Other agencies, non-governmental organizations, and rancher have provided about half the money to match the GIP funds. Nearly 2.5 million acres have been treated. Forrest has developed great relationships over the years with USDA NRCS, the Utah Department of Natural Resources, the Utah Farm Bureau, and commodity groups.

The Utah GIP works closely with 6-Regional Grazing Advisory boards (producers) and a State Grazing Advisory Board. Forrest has shown creative and innovative leadership with these producers to build and multiply the benefits of the program.

Forrest has worked for the UDAF UGIP program for seven years, and has been the program manager for the past two years. Congratulations, Troy, on your well-deserved recognition!