Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

Meat Inspector, Gary Weagle, Teaches High Scholl Students about Livestock Inspection and Related Topics

UDAF meat inspector, Gary Weagle, took time away from his regular duties recently to make a guest appearance at the Ag. class at Monument Valley High School, in San Juan County.  Weagle presented to 16 students in Adriana Tucker’s class.


Weagle reviewed the history of meat inspection based on information available on the USDA, FSIS web site, and provided the class a copy of “The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair. Meat Inspection was started as a result of that book, he explained to the students.

He talked about humane handling of livestock. We reviewed religious stunning practices and compared conventional stunning practices. He reviewed beef head inspection procedures. Weagle talked about the way lambs are inspected, which differs some from the way to examine older sheep. The class also talked about some of the diseases we look for. 

The students were invited to ask questions and to write a question that may be on a quiz based on the lecture. At the end of class he explained the Pearson’s square, which is a way to determine protein in livestock feed. Weagle showed the students how to use it to blend two items together and obtain a desire concentration.

The UDAF provided copies of the annual report of agricultural products produced in Utah. This will be helpful in other Ag classes. Weagle said the class went very well! “It was nice to be able to help the students,” he concluded.