Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

Envision Utah Wants Your Input

UDAF Commissioner Adams Urges All Ag. Supporters to Get Involved

Now is your chance to stand up for agriculture. Let Envision Utah know how important farming and ranching is to our state, as they plan for the future.

Envision Utah is gathering information in two parts. First go to http://envisionutah.org/. On the bottom left you can play the “Build Your Utah.”  This allows you to rank your priorities for Utah. Next, you need to sign up to take the survey at a future date.  To have that opportunity you need to first reserve a spot to be part of the process.    At the bottom left hand side of the page click “RESERVE NOW.” Once you have submitted your information you will be sent an email stating your spot is reserved.  At a later date you will be emailed a link to take the survey.  Don’t forget to complete it!

In 2050 Utah is projected to have an additional 2.5 million residents living here. Where are they going to put all of these people?  How are they going to get fed?  From where is the water going to come for all the residential needs?  The Governor and Envision Utah are putting together a plan to try and answer these and many other questions.  As part of the process, they are seeking public input to determine how, where, and in what quantities this growth should be taking place.  

“As someone who is deeply involved in agriculture, I know many of these demands will be placed on the back of agriculture” said LuAnn Adams, Utah Commissioner of Agriculture and Food.  Farmers and ranchers will soon be asked to produce more food on fewer acres of land using less water to accommodate this new growth.  “Agriculture is a placeholder for the State of Utah and our voice should be heard.  I am asking that you to go to the Envision Utah website and sign up to take the survey.” Once you have signed-up, Adams urges everyone to ask their friends, family, and the people in their communities to sign-up and take the survey.  

“Utah is a great place to live,” Adams continued. “Agriculture is what made this state great and will continue to keep it an amazing place.   You can give agriculture a seat at the table by taking the survey and by getting the word out.  Don’t let someone else plan for the future of Ag.”