Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

Ag. Day 2014 at USU

It may have been the best Ag Day yet ...

as 1,600 people enjoyed great weather and fantastic food at the 19th Annual Utah Agricultural Products BBQ.  Guests were able to enjoy a wide array of products grown and made in Utah as they feasted on beef, lamb, pork, turkey, onion rings, cold cuts, salad, apples, cheese and Creamies ice cream and yogurt. 

In addition to showcasing local products, Ag Day provides a tremendous boost to students in the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences at Utah State University.  Proceeds from the event and from donations from local companies made prior to the event provide scholarships.  Approximatly 200 students have been helped by more than $125,000 in scholarships over the last decade.  It is anticipated that another $18,000 will be awarded to students during 2015.

The title sponsor for Ag Day is Utah's Own, a program designed to educate consumers about the importance of buying local.  As citizens of Utah, when we look for and purchase locally grown and made products, we are not only helping that local entrepreneur prosper, but we are actually helping ourselves.  As companies prosper and grow, they buy more inputs from other local companies to make more product, those companies then buy more inputs to buy more product.  The multiplying effect flows throughout the local economy stimulating economic well-being.  Successful companies pay more taxes and create new jobs.  We all benefit as tax revenues increase with better schools, better roads, and well funded police and fire departments.

Not only does buying local build our local economy, we also enjoy high quality, fresh food while reducing our carbon footprint.  Let's keep it here at home, Utah's Own.



By: Jed Christenson








posted: Oct. 16, 2014