Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

Funeral Potatoes Contest Winner

Winner slays the competition.

Where else but Utah would there be a “funeral potatoes” contest!  It is known as cheesy potatoes in some states or by different names in other areas of the country, but in Utah everyone loves the very familiar dish known as funeral potatoes. 

The 4th annual competition was held on September 9, 2014 in the Zion Building at the Utah State Fair Park.  Some contestants created dishes from recipes handed down from one generation to the next while others flaunted new and creative ways to liven up this familiar staple entree.  The only requirement for entry was that each dish be made using at least three Utah’s Own products as ingredients, and extra points were allowed for more.  Judging was based on taste, appearance and presentation, and best use of Utah’s Own products. 

When there are mmmmmm’s and yummmmm’s from the judges as they sample each entry, you know the competition is tough.  One of the three judges, Tamra Watson, a member of the Utah’s Own team from the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food and the person who initiated the contest 4 years ago commented, “In the four years of this contest, the points separating those who placed and those who didn’t make the winner’s circle has never been closer.”  The other judges enjoying the cuisine and making the tough decisions were Wendy English with the Small Business Development Center in Brigham City and Kari Butler from Fox13.

Claiming bragging rights as this year’s winner was Janae Worthen from Kaysville who provided a dish with creative use of Utah’s Own products and a unique taste featuring blue cheese and other interesting ingredients.  Along with her blue ribbon, Janae won a $150 gift certificate to Macey’s Grocery Store.  Becky Linder won $100 for second place and Jo Davis took home $75 for her third place finish.

It is hoped that we as consumers recognize the value of buying and using locally made products whenever possible.  Dollars spent on local products are re-invested in our communities creating a multiplying effect of economic activity.  Keep it here at home, buy Utah’s Own.










posted: Sept. 18, 2014