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Utahs Own TV Commercial

When you buy Utah made and grown...

Our Utah's Own Program that promotes the benefits of buying locally produced foods has a new :30 TV commercial. The spot is airing on Channel 4 on Sunday mornings at 8:30 on the public affairs show, "The County Seat".  

The commercial features a Utah's Own dairy farmer, Grant Kohler of Heber Valley Artisan Cheese; Fernando Chaves, of Goldcreek Cheese; Russ Kohler of Heber Valley Artisan Cheese, Jeff Stagg, Beehive Cheese; and consumer Tara Summers and children at the Farmington, Utah Harmons grocery store.

The simple message of the spot is to show consumers where our Utah's Own products come from, and how the local small companies take pride in providing a quality product for Utah consumers.



Our Utah heritage
Our land is our heritage. We raise on the land that which supports our farmers and ranchers, our children and families, our jobs, our way of life, us. When you buy Utah products, you choose to embrace our land, our schools, and our families. So next time you’re shopping, look for the Utah’s Own label. These products are the life blood of Utah.



 Locally, the Utah’s Own Program is a proven economic engine helping local companies, whether new or established, grow their business.  Last summer, 150 Utah’s Own companies were surveyed with 75% indicating Utah’s Own is important to their overall success and 88% saying Utah’s Own is important to Utah’s economic development.  These same 150 smaller companies reported having created 591 new jobs since 2010.  That’s almost 200 jobs per year, more than one job per company per year.  They are very optimistic about the future projecting a 25% increase in employees by 2015, or another 260 jobs per year.  This is a sampling of only 150 of several hundred companies. 
posted: June 23, 2014