War on Weeds - Russian Olive Tree Removal

Russian Olive Trees in Emery County

It's incredible how once you learn about invasive weeds, how you begin to see them everywhere.

The County Seat TV film crew recently attended a field trip in Emery County to see how the county is working with our Department's Invasive Weed Program and private landowners to manage the Russian Olive problem. These trees were initially planted to serve as a wind break and shade but they soon began popping up all over the county.

You would never believe how this seemly useful tree can destroy the productivity of a pasture or a waterway by growing in so thick that nothing can breakthrough.

This program aired Sunday Morning, June 22nd at 8:30 on ABC4UTAH. View the program as they look at just how difficult it is to get rid of a noxious weeds and how effective the local partnerships in Emery County are helping to return the rivers to their native condition.













posted: June 23, 2014