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Guardians of the Food Supply


What we mean by “Guardians of the Food Supply.”

Our mission is to “Promote the healthy growth of Utah agriculture, conserve our natural resources and protect our food supply.”

A safe food supply is the basis for health and prosperity.  If our food is not abundant, safe and affordable then our daily routines would be disrupted.  Going to school or work on a half-filled stomach would affect our productivity.   Spending a large percentage of our income on food would limit our purchases of other things such as vacations, a second car or the ability to attain a higher education.

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Food safety, public health and consumer protection is a critical and essential function of state government.  In addition, we continue to educate the public about the importance of agriculture and the value of maintaining a viable agriculture industry.

In the area of food safety, the Department inspects the state’s 4,000 retail stores and the many food processing plants for food quality and safety and correct item pricing.

The Department’s Utah’s Own Program works to reconnect consumers with their food supply and promotes the benefits of Utah’s locally grown and processed foods which represent 14 percent of Utah’s economy. The Department also protects animal health and the state’s $1 billion livestock industry, as well as guards against invasive insects.

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