Ask Pest Control Companies about being Licensed

Man applying pesticide to a residential homeAs the temperature begins to change, homeowners may begin seeing more insects indoors. If you are considering hiring a pest control company to manage the pests, ask them if they are licensed with the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food. Being licensed with the Department ensures three things:

1. Competency. Chemical pesticides can be harmful if used incorrectly. Every chemical pesticide has a label containing the correct way to use the chemical. The applicator is required to pass a test that certifies their competency to use the chemical properly according to the label.

2. Safety. Proper safety methods and procedures are learned as new applicators are trained under a licensed manager.

3. Accountability. When all companies are licensed, it allows them to perform a quality service without being undercut by a less reputable company. The license provides legal protection to the applicator, as long as they comply to the federal Pesticide Act.

For more information about pesticide licensing, visit our Pesticides page.