Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

Improving Water Quality for Better Fishing

Fish Health Specialist Helps Improve Water Quality and Fishing Success at Falcon's Ledge

 By: Mark Martin, Fish Health Specialist

Falcon’s Ledge is a trout fee-fishing facility licensed by the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (Fish Health) located in Stillwater Canyon off of Highway 87 outside of Altamont, Utah.  It is managed and operated by David Danley. 

Two years ago I conducted water quality tests on the numerous ponds on the property.  He noted high levels of ammonia in the waters located there.  High levels of ammonia can stress trout and be harmful to them. I advised Mr. Danley to add probiotics to the pond waters to help reduce ammonia levels and to help clarify the pond waters.
For the past two years Mr. Danley has added probiotics to his ponds at Falcon’s Ledge.  Last December I checked ammonia levels at the ponds and noted that the ammonia levels had been either eliminated or greatly decreased. Since the addition of probiotics Mr. Danley reports improved fishing success and improvements in water clarity. He also noted that the trout were much healthier and able to see fishermen’s flies much better, allowing for a better catch rate.  

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria in many forms that can be used in a variety of ways.  For example, a probiotic supplement may be taken by humans to help increase their immunity.  Another variety is used to break-down waste products from oil wells. Other forms of probiotics can be used to remove decaying organic wastes and animal wastes in water. Probiotics at Falcon’s Ledge were used to reduce ammonia levels in beset waters and help increase water clarity. UDAF does not endorse these or any other products.

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