Egg & Poultry Grading

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The mission of the Egg and Poultry Grading program is twofold:
First, provide grading services which will assure the consumers of Utah safe, wholesome, quality eggs, egg products, and poultry. Second, enforcing grading standards and regulations thereby assuring uniformity and compliance throughout the egg and poultry industry.

The Egg and Poultry Grading Program provides needed services to the egg and poultry industry and the consumers of Utah. Eggs are a valuable food produced for the consumer. They are highly nutritious and are an important part of our diet. Eggs are capable of carrying bacteria and require special processing and handling.

The egg and poultry grading program provides highly trained and competent grading personnel to accurately grade shell egg and poultry carcasses. Grading involves physical examination of the products and application of appropriate grade designation AA, A, B, Non-Grade or Undergrades. Grading provides second party verification of the quality of shell eggs and poultry, which enhances the farmers ability to market the product and the consumer confidence in the purchase of the product.

Grading serves egg and poultry producers, large volume purchases of these products and household consumers.

The various program activities include:


Egg Establishments Doing Business in Utah


Utah Code and Administrative Rules Relating to Eggs and Poultry

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