Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

Law Label: Products Made of New Material

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Law Tag for new materials

 Exclusive of the portion required to affix the tag to the article, the minimum size of the tag shall not be less than six (6) square inches (2" by 3"), but may be greater as the need demands. This image is NOT the actual size of the law tag, just an illustration of requirements.

All printing in black ink on white Tyvek, Valeron, vellum cloth or a material of comparable quality, which shall not flake out when abraded.

In black ink, minimum type size 1/8 " in height.

Insert description of filling materials by clearly imprinting in English, using capital letters not less than 1/8" in height.

Any and all federal requirements and any reference thereto, if placed on a law label, shall be placed at the bottom of the label only and shall be separated from program requirements by a line across the label.

Attachment of Labels
The law label for mattresses and foundations shall be securely affixed to the top panel or any other location which is visible to the consumer. Texas accepts in proximity to any advertising label or company logo.

Body and Cushions
Must have separate descriptions when cushions are loose. TN requires a tag on each loose cushion. CA, OH, and PA require separate descriptions for "Body", "Seat Cushions", and "Back Cushions". CT, OH, CA, and PA require that open parentheses ( ) follow "Cushion", in which the number of loose, but essential cushions must be entered.

Filling Materials Description
Shall be described by the true generic name, grade, description term, or definitions of the filling material as accepted and approved by the state. When more than one kind of filling material is used in a mixture, the percent by weight of each shall be listed in order of their predominance. Federal fiber tolerance standards are applicable.

NOTE: Cannot print on back of label, dual language not allowed. Limit additional information only to what's required by state laws. Please contact the states where product will be sold to ascertain individual state requirements before printing tags.