Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

UDAF Embargos Mislabeled Down Jackets


(Salt Lake City) Following a month-long investigation, inspectors from the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food’s (UDAF) Division of Regulatory Services have taken action to prevent a California distributor from selling mislabeled down jackets at 16 Utah stores.

During in-store inspections, investigators discovered nearly 700 jackets and vests labeled as containing down material when laboratory testing confirmed they actually contained less than one percent down. The jackets have been embargoed to prevent them from being offered for sale. 

The jackets were manufactured in China and distributed by Alliage Inc., of Los Angeles, California to three western wear clothing chains in Utah including AA Callister, C-A-L Ranch, and Reams.  The embargo took effect before Reams could offer the products for sale.  The three Utah retailers were unaware of the composition of the jackets and vests and offered complete cooperation, and voluntarily pulled the product from their stores.

The jackets and vests in question carry the brand name of “Rodeo” and an identification number on the collar tag that reads: RN 99007.   The tag also indicates the fill material is “poly/down.”  They also contained a small clear plastic pouch with a cluster of down, leading consumers to believe the jackets contain large amounts of down.  Under Utah law the percentage of fill material must be indicated.

“We discovered the jackets because we had similar issues with the manufacturer in the past,” said Regulatory Services Division Director, Travis Waller.  “We cited the company last year, and wanted to confirm they did not try to sell the mislabeled clothing again.” he added. 

The California distributor faces citations and fines that could reach $300,000.

"This is an example of how Utah shoppers are protected from unfair commerce by our department’s inspection programs,” said Utah Commissioner of Agriculture and Food, LuAnn Adams. 

Anyone who purchased a mislabeled jacket can contact their retailer with questions. Several of the stores were preparing to run post Thanksgiving Black Friday ads for the jackets, but the embargo prevented the sale of the misrepresented items in commerce.

The Division requires that the jackets be accurately relabeled prior to being released from the embargo which would allow retailers to place the items back on sale, and prevent the mislabeled jackets from being redistributed to states that do not have labeling accuracy laws.


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 Cell (801) 514-2152
Travis Waller (801) 538-7150



Posted: 10/30/2015