Utah Conservation Commission

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Our Mission

Protect, conserve and utilize the natural resources of the state by developing and implementing cost effective programs.

About the Utah Conservation Commission

The Utah Conservation Commission (UCC) is authorized under Title 4, Chapter 18 of the Utah Code. The act's Purpose Declaration states that "The Legislature finds and declares that the soil and water resources of this state constitute one of its basic assets and that the preservation of these resources requires planning and programs to ensure the development and utilization of these resources and to protect them from the adverse effects of wind and water erosion, sediment, and sediment related pollutants." With this in mind, the Legislature created in 1937 this unique state government entity and it has been active continually since, evolving to meet new environmental and social conditions. Today this 16 person board strives to protect the natural resources within the state.


Legislative Audit (Utah Conservation Commission Audit)

Policy (EPA, DWQ)

Agriculture Certificate of Environmental Stewardship (ACES)




Conservation Commission Projects