Utah Department of Agriculture and Food


Mother and young daughter feeding baby calf.

Animal agriculture in Utah represents the single largest sector of farm income in Utah. At a value of more than $1 billion, and with 25 of the state’s 29 counties reporting livestock as the dominant agricultural sector, the UDAF spends considerable energy maintaining a healthy and prosperous industry, and reporting our actions to Utah citizens.

The various programs listed here offer services that: protect Utah livestock from, and reduce the effects of foreign and domestic diseases; increase the market value of Utah livestock; promote and ensure animal health and productivity; protect human health; and prepare for and respond to emergency situations involving animals.

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 Horse Roping/Tripping Information



Steps to prevent the spread of Avian influenza and other bird diseases

Statement regarding Highly Pathogenic Avian influenza discovered in Utah, California, Oregon, and Washington and resource material for poultry owners to prevent its spread. 
USDA website for keeping birds healthy.
Avian Influenza Safeguards for Utah bird owners.


Animal Health


Animal Import Requirements




Brand Inspection & Registration


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Meat & Dairy Processing


Poultry & Eggs


Utah Community Spay & Neuter Program


Utah Emergency Animal Response Coalition


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